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As an owner of a vacation home how many times have you asked yourself these questions? When should I start and finish the seasonal periods for rental on my home?

Airlines and tour operators always seem to get it right donít they? The reason is they have researched the calendars, high days and holidays both in the U.K. and U.S.A.

At last you will not have to worry about these issues with our revolutionary booking engine , its all done for you.

In the last year the Dollar has fallen and the Pound has strengthened to heights that havenít been seen for many years, the fluctuations have caused consternation amongst owners. Am I charging enough? Should I only accept payments in Pounds or in Dollars?
Hey the rates gone through the roof what should I do? Am I going to lose out?

With the FabVillas built in exchange mechanism you can, with a few clicks amend your exchange rate, which will ensure that your enquirers will be able to receive up to the minute rates and to be able to see at glance what they will be expected to pay to rent your home.

This and so much more is available to you right now with FabVillas this site has been researched and worked on over the past 14 months and the development has undergone beta testing with owners whose feed back has been invaluable in its inauguration and ultimate inception.

We hope you will join us and reap the benefits of the hard work that has gone into making this advertising media, hopefully the best and at the same time working for you to increase your bookings, turnover and ultimately higher profits.

What have you got to lose? For more information, click here.


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