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Why Your Vacations Will Never Be The Same Again
Do you remember when you were young and carefree when it came to holiday planning?Last minute city breaks, sticking a pin in a map and just going, travelling in the self assured and confident manner that you can make it up as you go along and the worst that can happen is an occasional night spent dozing on an airport bench.

Then one day you have children and everything changes.Suddenly, you need to start allowing time for diaper changing and dawdling toddlers, finding child friendly restaurants and eating at five o'clock, making sure that your hotel has adjoining rooms and that your rental car has a back seat (with curtain airbags and a five star crash rating of course - no more beach buggies and convertibles for you!).

That's when you need to start thinking less about hotels and more about vacation rentals.Not luxury villa rentals mind you, the security deposit's a lot higher and they will notice the crayon marks on the ceiling, but holiday lettings nonetheless.

Houses promoted as holiday rentals offer a number of advantages over hotels for families; cost, convenience and privacy being the most obvious.Most holiday villas and cottages charge a flat rate so, unlike hotels, six can stop for the same price as two.A full kitchen is a godsend to those feeding babies and toddlers, as is the convenience of a dishwasher and laundry facilities.The additional space over a hotel room will give the kids room to spread out and the parents the luxury of a bedroom that does not double as the living room.

Whilst such accommodation options have been available for many years, it was still the travel agency or another third party who took the booking (and their cut of the profits) on behalf of the homeowner which meant that it was not unusual for the holidaymaker to be assigned accommodation upon arrival at their destination or to be unable to verify details of their holiday accommodation - e.g. no stairs for children, are stair gates available, or are all bedrooms on the same level.

In the last couple of years, this is changing, websites such as fabvillas.com and The Best Villas are empowering holidaymakers by allowing them to search and view available holiday lettings at the destination of their choice and then contact the owner directly not only for further information and special requests but also to make the booking themselves.This not only gives the renter the confidence that they are getting exactly what they book but also saves them cost of going through a third party.In the past, owners of holiday cottages and large holiday houses alike operated small, self created websites but the benefit of such sites was very small since they were not part of a searchable listing of holiday accommodation and so were extremely difficult to find on the internet under a general search engine such as Google or Bing.

Being in direct contact with the homeowner also allows you to get first hand information about the area you are planning to visit - where's the best golf course that allows kids, the closest pharmacy, the best place for an ice cream sundae.It's these little things that can give you the peace of mind that you come to crave as a parent.Your days of backpacking across South America with nothing but a change of underwear and a walkman may be gone, but the pleasure of a well planned and happy family holiday is a priceless replacement.


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