Owners Testimonials
I only registered with Fab Villas a couple of weeks ago but I have to say I have had a number of good queries and 3 bookings already.
MC *

We shall most certainly be continuing beyond our free period since your site is providing us with the most leads and the automatic quotations are fantastic!
TW *

Hey guys I just had to write to express my sincere gratitude an praise to all at Fabvillas. The quote system enabled my bookers to have all the correct info to hand and the bookings were confirmed by phone there and then. Well done and thanks.
SP *

Just letting you know we booked the Richmond House usng your service. I used various other websites to enquire about villas, yours without doubt produced the most emails and choice!
GD *

We just wanted to say a big thank you for our first booking from your Fab Villas. It is a 14 day booking that covers the Easter period and we have secured our top rate so we are very pleased. We are getting quite a few enquiries through even though our calendar is quite full and another of your enquirers is interested in dates next June. A big thumbs up to your great site and we will certainly be subscribing when our trial period comes to an end. Thanks again and we are sure your site will go from strength to strength.
Ken and Jane *

I recently placed a general enquiry with yourselves re a villa required for next year. I had approx 250 replies, over 200 the next day! I have since booked a villa from one of those replies & wish to thank you for a brilliant service. Thank you.
EA *

Just got my first booking from Fabvillas, hopefully the first of many! I do like the look of the quotations, they are very professional looking, and although we do not get a large number, at least you know that they are genuinely interested. You do not spend ages replying to queries that go nowhere. When you get an enquiry, it translates into a booking with very little effort. Quality not quantity!
John and Liz *

Great news, we just got our third booking from your site and in a very quiet period for enquiries too. Three bookings just in the trial period is very impressive and we are very optimistic about getting more as the site develops further.
JM *

Just a quick note on feedback, having spoken to one of our renters who used your site. They found it one of the eaiest and clearest to navigate. Thought you might like to know.
L *

We have received many good quality leads from this new site and have achieved really good quality high value bookings from guests who appreciate our efforts to provide top quality accommodation at good rates. Feed back from these discerning guests clearly shows that "cheapness of rental rate' is synonymous with a poor quality and cheaply furnished property and are to be avoided. Guests have stated that what they expect to receive from a holiday villa comes at a price and they can discern quickly those owners who are proud of their properties and know what a true and fair commercial rate is for their properties. We believe that FABVILLAS is fast gaining a reputation from discerning guests/travellers as the site where QUALITY COUNTS.
SA *

Thank you for your free trial. I emailed you a couple of weeks ago saying that I would definitely be joining as, although I had not yet secured a booking through you, I had received a decent amount of enquiries and was very pleased with the service offered. Well, on Friday, I had a confirmed booking through your site (what timing!!) for 17 nights, back-to-back with a 2 week booking I have had for ages. It could not have been better, so thank you again. I have now paid and here's to another booking in the near future!
TJ *

* (Name and address received and on file but withheld)


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