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All of us at Fabvillas are seasoned Florida travellers and are very keen to share our Florida experiences with you! The Florida experience is definitely a magical one. Different people all have a different experience that made this a special place for them. For some it's the Disney magic and mainstream attractions and for others it's the natural beauty and wonderful weather.

In order to try to share some of these experiences with you we have put together some information that will hopefully be of benefit to you whilst you are preparing for your Florida vacation or while you are soaking up the Florida sun. The following sections may be of use to you.

Restaurants and Local Dining - For many people, this is one of Florida's main attractions! These reviews provide an insight into some of the many local restaurants.

Central Florida Golf Guide - There many top quality golf courses open to the public in the central Florida area. Find out which local golf courses are best suited to your game, or check general course information.

Theme Parks - A brief taster of the local major attractions together with useful links to obtain more in-depth information.

Shopping Guide - Shop till you drop. From flea markets through to discount designer stores and up-market malls, it's all here in our shopping guide.

Fabvillas Tips and Tricks - Here we share some of our experience and insights into the local area.

At Fabvillas we believe that it is important to reward those that have helped us create and promote this resource of Florida villas. We appreciate the efforts that have enabled us to promote the fabulous opportunities available when renting one of the many Florida vacation rental homes that are available in this magical part of the world and have created a list of these companies in alphabetical order together with a brief description of the services that our friends provide.

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