Embed your availability calendar on your own Website!
As a villa owner you want enquiries and bookings!

But why waste your time attracting enquiries for dates that are already sold?

As a busy villa owner, you will most likely want to minimize enquiries that you can't fulfill. Keeping your availability calendar up-to-date and making it highly visible can save an enormous amount of time and enable you to concentrate on what you do best.

As a fabvillas advertiser we offer you a variety of ways to link to or embed your availability calendar into your own villa website.


Owners can link directly to their fabvillas calendar by simply placing a link to it on their website. If you would like instructions on how to do this simply select 'Just give me a simple link to my website' on the form below and follow the instructions.


As a fabvillas advertiser we offer you a genuine embedded calendar visible in all its glory on your own villa website. Our great looking calendar clearly shows prospective customers exactly when your villa is available and eliminates time wasters! Any updates that you make to your fabvillas availability calendar will be automatically updated on the embedded calendar on your own website.

To see an example website that demonstrates what the embedded calendar might look like on your website, click here.

We offer a number of different calendar formats, a few examples are shown below.
In order to put the calendar of your choice on your website, you will need to include a small piece of code into your website page. We provide all the code that you need, together with instructions on how to incorporate it.

Near to Disney

Near to Disney


The simple method:

As we are helping you by offering you this feature at no additional charge, we ask you to help us. If you choose to embed your availability calendar on your own website, we require you to include a link back to YOUR fabvillas advert in order to boost the popularity of fabvillas and encourage more people to browse your advertisement. If someone follows the link and views your advert, there are no links to other properties or the fabvillas home page. It's to your advert only and does not in any way encourage someone who clicks on the link to explore any other property. For an example of the page that will be displayed please enter your villa number in the box below and click the 'Show me how the link page will look' button.

It's very simple to add and looks great on your website.

The more complex but flexible method:

There is also a more complex but flexible option available to owners who wish to incorporate their calendar but object to the link to their fabvillas advert.

We offer a facility to embed the calendar into your own villa website with no link or reference to your fabvillas advert, but we do require you to arrange for a link back to fabvillas from an alternative website so that we can help boost our profile and attract more people to browse your advertisement. The link back to us can be placed on any website, personal or commercial as long as it does not contain adult or obscene content. It can be on a single page site or a thousand page site, we're not fussy, you just need to add the link following our instructions and let us know where it is. This option is a little more complicated to set-up but provides complete flexibility.

How to add the calendar to your website:

To incorporate the calendar on your own website please complete the following form so that we can guide you through the process of creating the code that you will need to place on your website.

  I want to

Just give me a really simple link to my calendar.
Give me what I need to embed my calendar into my own website in the simplest and quickest way possible.
Give me what I need to embed my calendar into my own website using the flexible, but more complex, option so that I don't have to link back to fabvillas.com on it.

  The style of calendar that I would like to embed is:


  My details are as follows:

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