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Fabvillas - How it Works

We enable you to find your perfect holiday home and make direct contact with the owner to rent the property for your stay. This cuts out the middleman, eliminates travel agent commissions, and enables you to save money. Dealing directly with the owner ensures that all of your questions are expertly and honestly answered and that you obtain exactly what you are looking for.

The ability to rent your vacation home is not new. Most of you have done this before via a travel agent. You now have the opportunity to cut out the middleman thereby saving money. By following the simple guidelines outlined below you will be able to achieve this and ultimately save money.

Finding a Property

This can be achieved by utilizing the on site Search facilities. You can either make your selection on the search form on our home page, or you can specify your exact requirements using our advanced search page.

Once you have entered your basic criteria such as size of home, location or any other specifics you will be presented by any number of suitable properties from which you can make your ultimate choice.

Often homes have the added feature of being able to accommodate extra persons by utilizing a sofa bed or rollaway bed. This is not always the case so you should enquire at the time of booking or by contacting the owner via the contact form on their page.

Shortlist and note your desired properties

Whilst browsing for suitable properties, you can add a property to your favorites short-list by clicking '+ add to favorites' on the title bar for each property that is of interest. You might also like to make a note of the unique reference number found on the page, for each property. By making a note of these you can easily re-visit that particular page by typing the reference number directly into the Jump to villa Search box.

If you register with fabvillas you can create an on-screen short-list of your favourite properties and have the ability to retrieve your shortlist from any web browser, enabling you to review your shortlist at the office and at home. You can also send an enquiry to all of the properties on your shortlist and wait for the owners to respond to you

Individual properties can also be bookmarked or you can use the print function to print paper copies of each.

Contact Owner

By completing a few details such as your name and email address in the Contact Owner section, you can then type in your question or query and this will then be sent direct to the owner for review. Remember with Fabvillas you are dealing direct with the owner of the property. Who better to answer any questions that you might have about their vacation home. You may also contact the owner by telephone by clicking on the box that offers this information, their phone number will appear, and the rest is up to you.

Registered users receive the additional benefit of having most of our contact forms pre-completed with your contact information, thus saving time.

Send a General Enquiry to all owners or their agents

If you don't have the time to search through all of our beautiful properties, you can email simply send out an enquiry to all owners that have a property listed that meets your base requirements. You can then simply sit back and wait for the owners to reply to you.

Making a Booking

Each property owner will have their own way of processing a booking, but, as a guideline, you the customer should expect to pay a deposit generally somewhere between 10% - 50% of the total rental to secure and confirm the booking. This amount can be in the form of a personal check or bank transfer; some owners have the ability to accept credit cards. Once payment has been made and received the owner should confirm the booking and receipt of your payment by letter or by e-mail.

The final balance would normally become due around 8 weeks before the start of the holiday. Often a refundable security/breakage deposit is required with the balance, and this is usually fully refundable within specified time after your holiday. Any charges accrued for accidental damage or and any agreed metered charges for gas/electricity/telephone if they are not included in the rental rate will be deducted at this time and the balance returned. Please check the cancellation terms with the owner at the time of booking - deposits are often non-refundable and they may have a sliding scale of charges for last minute cancellations after the balance has been paid. We recommend that you ask for any terms and conditions in writing.

Upon Arrival at the Property

The address and directions to the property are normally sent to you once the owner has received all the payments due. Directions from your airport or should be included as well as access details for the property. There are various methods of accessing properties, some owners will send you a key in advance and others have electronic access and codes these will be forwarded to you. The owner will give you specific instructions in their literature. Be sure to note any telephone number of the owner or their representative so that in the event of your being delayed for whatever reason you can call to let them know.

Any Problems

All properties should have an instructions manual or book with information containing contact address and phone number of the local representative or management company who you should contact to report any breakdowns or accidental damage etc. Call them as soon as possible as they will have facilities to put things right through local knowledge. It is essential to air any difficulties on the spot as this gives the owner the chance to ensure your stay is perfect. Please do not save up complaints until after you return home. This could affect the prompt return of your security deposit.

Enjoy your Holiday!

It's as simple as that! There is no better way to enjoy your stay that to be in a private villa rental. Many thousands of visitors each year choose to save money and optimize their accommodation experience by agreeing a villa rental direct with the owner. Enjoy.


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