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FabVillas.com is committed to serving the owners of vacation rental properties in the Central Florida area. The Company was established in 2004 after consultations with homeowners on both sides of the Atlantic identified a need for an independent, dedicated and authoritative internet marketing toolset.

Homeowners who were becoming more and more frustrated by the many sites that seek the support of homeowners and advertisers of vacation homes in the central Florida area and give very little in return. We are not in this category.

Many hours have gone into the formulation of the various sections that go to make up the whole. Carefully integrated calendars, coupled with user friendly areas to make the placement of your advert, not only easy for you to formulate,but also easy for the potential renter and ultimate customer to contact you, the owner.

We are confident that we will in time attain top rankings on the popular search engines.This cannot be achieved overnight, but we are aiming for this from day one.

We are so confident that you will appreciate the advantages of this site we are offering the first 250 owners a s trial period, so what have you got to lose? Like the dolphin, dive in.

Fabvillas is a subsidiary of the Datamex Group LLC and is based in Champions Gate, Florida.


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