What does it cost?
Initially nothing. You will be able to enjoy all the facilities attached to this site and in doing so will be able to evaluate the site. After the introductory period it will cost less than £2 per week to advertise your property.

No commissions or third party interventions. The customer will be dealing directly with you the owner.
What does the Service include?
  • Interactive Booking Calendar
  • Statistics on your home views
  • Access to Late Offer Section
  • Updates to your records
  • Inclusion of photos (10)
  • Help to optimize Photos
  • Access to our Bulletin Boards
  • Cross site advertising
  • Featured Homes Inclusion
  • Virtual Tour link available
  • How can I pay?
    At present we have a number of methods of payments we accept. They are listed below.
    Personal Cheque This method normally takes around a week before the check clears.
    Bank Transfer Contact us for information on using this method. Usually about 3 days.
    Credit Cards we accept the following credit cards

    Formosa Gardens
    Will I be reminded to renew my annual Subscription?
    Your subscription details are shown in brief on the panel on the left of the control panel.

    To get full details, click on the Date Due field and your full details will be displayed on the main screen. If your renewal is due within 2 months, then the screen will display the facility to choose your renewal option.
    How do I add photographs?
    Unlike many other sites we have a user friendly and completely automatic photo sizing facility. Providing your photos are of good quality and in jpeg or gif format, the system take care of resizing and optimizing them for you. You can also add text but remember a picture speaks 1000 words.
    Is there a limit to the number of Photographs I can display?
    Yes we have formulated the site to accept 10 photographs and as stated above they will be automatically sized to provide uniformity throughout the site. All you need to do is provide a maximum of 10 good quality pictures and the system will take care of the rest.
    Can I add a virtual tour?
    Yes the facilities exist to provide a link to your own virtual tour. If this is something you are considering having done we can recommend an “on site” Florida based company who provides excellent results and at a very reasonable cost to yourselves.
    I’ve forgotten my user name or password, what should I do?
    In order to login to the fabvillas owners control panel you need to know your user name and password.

    If you do not know your username, but know the email address that you used when registering, we can help you retrieve it.

    We do not store passwords in a format that can be decrypted; however when you created your account and set your password you will have been asked for a reminder phrase that would jog your memory.

    To recover your user name and password reminder please click on the link below:

    User name and password reminder form

    Once you complete the information on this page we will email you the information that we have available. Further instructions will be included in the email on how you can reset your password if you are still unable to login.
    I am experiencing difficulty logging on
    There may be a number of reasons for this anomaly to occur, however an email to our technical dept will usually resolve the problem.


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