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  • User friendly simple to use site.
  • The ability to add text and edit 24/7/365
  • Pre defined seasonal calendar (UK / USA main holidays)
  • Instant quotes for guests.
  • A highly functionalavailability calendar, giving you the option to offer discounts and special offers and any extras that you provide.
  • All of these features are controlled by you.
  • A link to your own web site.
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  • Flat fee, no hiddenextras.
  • No commissions onbookings.
  • No third party intervention.
  • The prospective guests will deal directly with you the owner, allowing you to build a rapport with your clients.
  • Technical assistance if required
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Enquiries types that you can expect to receive from our service
We enable you to showcase your villa on our website through our comprehensive, flexible and innovative systems. Using our Owners Control Panel you can amend your listing as often as you wish to keep it fresh and interesting.

At fabvillas our job is to attract interest and enquiries from potential guests and then forward them to you in the most targeted manner that we can. Converting the enquiry into a sale is where your skills come into play.

You will receive three types of enquiry from us:

1) A fully targeted enquiry.

This is where someone has taken the time to do thorough research and is interested specifically in your villa. They obtain the contact information and make direct targeted contact with you either by phone or email. These enquiries are extremely hot leads that are ripe for conversion.

2) A favourite's enquiry.

This is where someone has done the research and selected a handful of villas that they are very interested in and stored them in their list of favourite properties. The potential guest has then chosen to email all of these favorites to ask for further information. Typically these enquiries are only sent to approximately 5 properties. These also have a very good conversion potential.

3) A general enquiry.

This is where someone does not wish to research the properties as listed. For whatever reason they have decided that their preferred method of locating a property is to specify brief details and then ask those owners that meet the criteria for further details. We target the enquiries as best as we possibly can. We do not send the enquiry to people that do not have availability or provide the optional items as specified. These do not go out to everyone, but they do obviously get sent to a larger number of recipients and can therefore be classed as a warm lead. These are harder to convert as you have more competition and it's harder to judge just how interested the potential guest is. Whilst we encourage the enquirer to provide as much information as possible, it's often hard to judge the criteria that they will use to make their selection. Some will be looking for the cheapest deal, others location or facilities provided. You will receive many more general enquiries than targeted enquiries.


In addition to enquiries you will also receive copies of any quotations that have been requested. Quotations can be generated without the need for a guest to provide their name or contact details. The idea behind this policy is to allow a guest to fully appraise and cost a proposed stay without having to bother the owner. Many guests enjoy the anonymity of the process knowing that they only have to provide contact details when they are comfortable and have narrowed down their search results. If a quotation is generated and we know the guests name we will provide it to you in the header at the top of the copy quotation, if not we will provide details of the computer location from where they are browsing. The copy quotations enable you to verify that your pricing is set-up correctly as well as be fully informed of the costs should the guest contact you or make a booking. Many owners also find it an invaluable tool for gauging just what dates are being researched and the length of stays.
Simplified Terms & Conditions of Use
  • We provide a service for you to comprehensively showcase your property on our website, and put anyone interested in renting your property in direct contact with you.
  • Any free-trial of our service is for a single villa only per household.
  • If you choose to pay to subscribe to our service and own more than one property in the geographical scope supported by fabvillas, you must pay a fee to list each of them.
  • You must not utilise any enquiries that we send you for any villas other than those you own and list on fabvillas.
  • You must not forward or redistribute any enquiries that we send you to any other party.
  • The description and content that you provide for your property must be accurate.
  • You will need to clearly define your rental and optional-extra charges for use with our quotation system. This may pose some potential issues for some owners that operate some obscure policies.
  • You must keep your availability calendar up-to-date, although you do not need to show the calendar to the public.
  • We can alter our terms and conditions as well as our pricing at any time.
  • Whilst to date we have been very successful with our search engine rankings and continually work to improve our position, we cannot offer any guarantee in terms of future enquiry levels.
  • We offer you a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • We are fair, ethical and genuine in our intentions to help you market your property to the best of our joint abilities.
Once you have had your free trial youwill be asked if you wish to continue your subscription for a fee.

You are not requested to provide any payment details for the free trial.

Probably the most cost effective method of introducing your vacationhome to prospective clients.

All of the advanced features for less than £2 ($4) per week.

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